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Anamarija Dimovska


Anamarija Dimovska

Ceramics designer Anamarija Dimkovska explores traditional forms and archeological finds of the past, whereby she is constantly confronted with the question of future. Her experimental approach to work and alchemical mixing of recipes for various glazes produce one-of-a-kind effects. The surfaces of her objects are proof of a unique transformation that takes place during the phase of glaze firing.

River Stones

The River Stone plate is a black chamotte stoneware plate moulded on a pottery wheel. It features a shining white glaze on the inside and was fired in an electric kiln at 1230 °C.

Algae and seawater tea. The algae are from the Adriatic Sea.

Cornfield soil

Size: r = 13,5 cm, h = 3,5 cm

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