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Romana Brina Gobec


Romana Brina Gobec

Her source of inspiration is nature and everything that surrounds her, but mostly what she feels when she closes her eyes. Her mission is to create herself with hands, to discover organic, advanced materials, and to discover the countless possibilities for dyeing textile with natural dyes.

The Colorful Heritage of Food

The floating tablecloth raises the textile’s function to the level of an art object and copies nature’s colors from the plate onto the fabric. Functioning as an extended- format painting, it is hand-dyed with natural dyes obtained from unconsumed, pigment-filled bits of food. The shawl, a by-product, allows the wearer to take the story along across the world.

The same ingredients as for cloth dyeing. Good practice for reducing food waste.

100 % TENCELTM eucalyptus tree cellulose fibers, natural plant dyes

Shawl size: 200 cm x 75 cm

Tablecloth size (one of the three components of the original installation): 300 cm x 155 cm

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