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Katarina Dekleva and Nuša Jelenec


Katarina Dekleva and Nuša Jelenec

Industrial designer Nuša Jelenec and architect Katarina Dekleva first met in the Meet Your Food section at BIO25 in Ljubljana. Sharing similar interests, design approach and philosophy, they have since working together professionally on a regular base. They are both interested in sustainability principles, DIY culture, humor in design and architecture, cooking and gardening.

Zvonko glass

The Zvonko wine glass resulted from the cooperation with glassblower Zvonko Drobnič. The hand-made product consists of a blown bowl and a three-dimensional curved tube with a filling. The contact of one’s lips or tongue with the bowl’s irregular rim creates a fun wine-tasting sensory experience. For pop-up dinners, the stem will be filled with the grape marc of Slovenian wines.

Borosilicate glass, grape seeds

Size: 25 x 10 cm

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