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Pop-up Dinner in Vienna

Pop-up večerja v Mariboru

From time immemorial eating has been a ritualistic practice and closely related to design, be it as an everyday ritual or a special, sensory experience with a concept. It is on this premise that we have decided to join the stories of design and gastronomy into a unique dining experience authored by chef Jakob Pintar from TaBar in cooperation with select designers.

Based on their shared values of local, sustainable, sensory and ritualistic, the design and culinary mindset were combined into a nine-course vegetarian menu featuring a new, limited series of unique tableware pieces by nine designers and designer collectives.

The concept for each dish was developed and complemented hand in hand with the idea of an individual design piece, with the focus on simple, local ingredients and materials as well as experimental forms and bold flavors. The corn tableware by designer Rok Oblak and the plate made entirely of soil from a field in Poljanska Dolina elevate corn from its role of functional food to a sustainable, ethical and aesthetical experience. Forks by designer Vera Fois are part of her Forbidden Cutlery collection, which she uses as a tool to question our eating behavior, our customs and strict rules of conduct at the meal table as well as to explore what happens when we are allowed to break those rules. The design piece by Nuša Jelenc and Katarina Dekleva is a hand-made wine glass with an irregular glass bowl rim that offers a funny sensory experience when touched with lips and tongue. Join us and meet the rest of design products, let yourself be swept away by the evening's events and enjoy the flavors, textures, colors, aromas and designs!

The price for this culinary and design experience is 75 EUR and includes:

  • Nine-course vegetarian menu at the Silent Loft in Vienna, served on Slovenian Tableware Design from the limited series of new design pieces,
  • a 20 EUR voucher for the purchase of design pieces.

Wine and other drinks will be served separately.

The number of seating positions at a dinner is limited to 25. Tickets can be bought in MAO web shop.

Entry to events is subject to the RVT (recovered, vaccinated, tested) condition.